Tarkett Products Vinyl for professionals Compact Homogeneous Vinyl Plus

Compact Homogeneous Vinyl Plus

Excellent value for money with durable multi-purpose floorings in a variety of classic and contemporary colours. Plus is an ideal solution for the education, retail and commercial sectors. Tarkett Plus also provides non-linear designs that are totally new for homogeneousfloorings in this segment. The Plus range is equipped with PUR surface treatment for protection and easier initial maintenance.

Compact Homogeneous Vinyl Plus

Vylon Plus

  • Durable
  • Factory-applied surface finish
  • Sheets and tiles in different formats
  • Coordinated colour range
  • VOC emissions below quantifiable level and phthalate free

Standard Plus 2 MM

  • Tiles and sheets in different thicknesses
  • Classic design in refreshed colours
  • Tough and durable
  • Standard Plus PUR surface treatment for low maintenance

Standard Plus 1.5 MM

  • Largest colour range & best wear and tear in its category
  • 30 colours
  • Includes 12 matching colours with Vylon Plus and Contract Plus valid until 2020
  • Available in Tiles 50 x 50 and 61 x 61 cm
  • Now 23 LM rolls for less joints and better look
  • Lighter weight for easier installation, lower transport costs and environmental impact
  • Improved formulation: 15% less fillers &improved mechanical performance
  • No initial wax or polish needed

Contract Plus

  • Non-linear pattern
  • Wide and coordinated colour range
  • Durable - Wear group P
  • PUR surface treatment(no initial surface treatment needed)